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About Our Job Seekers

With more than 30,000 registered job-seekers, Retired Worker is a great source of hidden talent - 80% of our job-seekers say that Retired Worker is their primary resource when looking for a job.


Quick facts about our job-seekers:

  • 89% have a high-school diploma or better
  • 55% have a post-secondary degree
  • We have job-seekers in just about every city and province, from Yellowknife to Halifax and everywhere in between
  • 72% are aged 50-64
  • Our job-seekers have a wide variety of skills and experience, from certified accountants to engineers to teachers, nurses and dentists
  • More than 13% are fluently bilingual (English/French) in a business setting
  • 93% have their own computer and use it every day
  • 67% say that money is not their first concern when looking for work after retirement